(Video) The new 935 - Interview with Designer Grant Larson

This car quickens the pulse of any motor racing fan...

- Porsche is planning to build just 77 units of the new Porsche 935, firing up the club sport scene.

- The 700-hp race car celebrated its premiere at the Rennsport Reunion 2018.

- The 935/78 was one of the most extreme GT race cars ever built by Porsche...

At Rennsport Reunion VI, Porsche presented a worthy successor and an homage to its classic predecessor, the car known internally as “Moby Dick” due to its shape and white color. A car with extreme ideas for extreme adventures.

Exterior designer Grant Larson, 935 project owner Kay-Alexander Breitbach and Matthias Scholz, overall project manager for GT customer motorsport, describe the development steps of the new 935 and present its design highlights in detail. In 1981, Walter Röhrl competed in the Rallye Sanremo in a Porsche 911 SC.

At his only World Championship race for Porsche, the Regensburg, Germany native offered fans a great show, but, alas, without a happy end.

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